Bertolami Fine Art is one of the first Italian auction houses. Our experts are available to make free, confidential and non-binding evaluations.

Requesting an Evaluation is Simple

1. Complete the Form

2. Upload Colour Images

Attach good quality colour images of front and back and important details such as signatures or trademarks.

3. Certificates of Authenticity

If the object is accompanied by certificates of authenticity or expert opinions, if there are publications that mention it, please send us a digital copy to

4. View the Object Live

The information requested will be followed by a quick response from our experts who, if they deem it necessary, will carry out a more detailed examination by making an appointment to view the object live.

All fields are required.

Please provide your name.
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Where is the Property located

Please provide a country for the item location.
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Please provide additional information about your item (e.g. Provenance).

Attach Images

Allow upload of up to four images including the front and back of the items as well as any signatures or marks. Files must be JPEG or PNG format. Maximum of 5Mb per file.

Please upload at least one photo of your item.

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