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Milan, 18 October 2020


Floor Auction

London, November 2020

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London, November 2020


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Bertolami Fine Art Phase 2: At Palazzo Caetani Lovatelli we start again from fashion

After the lockdown period, Bertolami Fine Art reopens to the public the halls of Palazzo Caetani Lovatelli for the Fashion & Luxury auction, the first of a dense sequence of sales that will run until mid-July.

Raphael's School of Athens: Notes in the margin

The “School of Athens” is one of the most perfect paintings ever made, as well as an extraordinarily complex text investigated as an interpretative rebus from the most subtle exegetes of figurative art. Luca Bortolotti tells us about it

Press Review

Milan Finance A two-speed market

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Evening Courier Art and Jewelry, how to invest in beauty

Incoming from BFA

Archives of the 20th Century

Archive to enhance. A service to promote 20th-century Italian art.

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